Diamond by Bowtech Deploy SB R.A.K. Compound Bow Package


Draw Weight: 60-70 lbs.
Hand: Right Hand
Color: Mossy Oak Break-Up Country
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Firstly, Buy diamond by bowtech. Combining the Bowtech® Synchronized Binary Cam System with an advanced carbon riser. bowtech, bowtech bows, bowtech revolt, bowtech archery, bowtech realm sr6

Secondly, the Diamond® Deploy SB R.A.K. Compound Bow Package puts bowhunters in a position to succeed like no Diamond before it.

Thirdly, Offering flawless, straight-line nock travel and exceptional tuneability that sticks, even with inevitable string and cable stretch over time

  • A perfect combination of power, accuracy, and consistency for serious bowhunters
  • Diamond’s most technologically advanced bow ever
  • R.A.K. (Ready Aim Kill) package – Comes with factory-installed, tuned, and tested accessories
  • Powered by Bowtech® Synchronized Binary Cam System – 330 fps
  • Easy-to-tune design that does not lose its accuracy
  • Rotating modules offer easy, wide-ranging draw length adjustment and an infinite draw stop
  • Advanced Carbon Knight riser – tested to 800 lbs., ultra-lightweight
  • 80% effective let off – Makes it easy to hold at full draw when you need to
  • 31.5″ axle to axle – hunt in the treestand or the ground blind
  • Lightweight – 3.2 lbs.

>Here are some of the common questions usually asked by clients and their responses are ;<

Is Diamond deploy a good bow?

Diamond doesn’t offer the widest range of bows, but all of their models are (in our experience!), solid, reliable choices.

Again, The Diamond Deploy SB is, no doubt, a high-end bow, and Diamond state quite clearly on there on our website that the Deploy is the “most technically advanced bow.

>What year did the bowtech carbon icon come out?<

Further, The 2015 Bowtch Carbon Icon is a solid bow. It feels great and weighs very little with options for a more or less aggressive draw.

Also, Bowtech is an experienced company and seems to have great followers that will include many that will fit the niche for what this bow offers at a decent price.

>Is bowtech Admiral a good bow?<

To summarize, this Bowtech Admiral is a very solid and quiet bow with an extremely low hand shock and vibration.

Moreover, A solid back wall along with an easily adjustable draw length makes shooting this bow fun.

Being compact and maneuverable, this bow is a very good choice for tree stand or blind hunting.

>How do you change the draw length on the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro?<

The bow comes in the setting and can be adjusted for different draw weights your heaviest draw weight.

Also, You’ll have it on your a setting your medium draw weight you’ll have it on your bow.

>What does a bow tie in a diamond mean?<

However, A diamond bow tie is an imperfection formed when a diamond is cut. …

Also, The cutting of diamond facets is a highly precise process, and the cutter has to take into account the numerous angles from which a diamond might be viewed.

If some facets can’t take light in, no light goes out. That can create the dark bow-tie effect

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